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"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

Missionary Activities at Home & Abroad(1990-1999)


Religion is humanity’s common source and is also its refuge. Even though each religious faith has its unique setting in time and space and its own evolution, we must believe that each of these pluralistic religions carries responsibility for the purification of the mind and of society for the sake of humanity. Harmonious society and world peace requires continuous promotion and efforts from generation to generation. Wu, in his capacity of religious leader, has been active as a participant and advocate.      


Wu said, “Buddhism paves the way to enlightenment by directly appealing to the human mind. Furthermore, the spirit of Buddhism is centered on equality and compassion. It is a real state since human beings have started cognizance. Buddhism offers a supreme culture, an interrogation of human souls, and a theory that leads all humans to seek truth and practice to enter into a higher state of being.”  Wu put the Buddhadharma into practice in person, and hopes to inspire the inner awakening of more people.


From the years 1990 to 1999 before Wu was whisked away by the Chinese government on fabricated charges and forced to endure 11 years of imprisonment, Wu was on the world stage. Based on his profound experience in Chan practice and extensive understanding of Buddhist doctrines, Wu’s teachings are universal and develop China's Great Buddhadharma.

Promoting Holistic Life Science 


In 1992, Wu founded the International Life Science Development Foundation to raise funds for the support of life science research projects throughout the world. In 1994. Wu also initiated the Huazang International Training Center in Zhanghua, Taiwan, and the Huazang World Center in Hong Kong and Taiwan to implement the mission of Huazang Mind Dharma and provide medical support at various city centers, colleges and universities throughout China. 


The mission of Huazang Mind Dharma is to inspire human beings' infinite wisdom, guide them to build perfect character, discipline their behavior, and accordingly understand deeply the value of life and perceive human society clearly. Huazang also seeks to unite all people who are pursuing justice and world peace to thoroughly rectify the various wrong ideas and consequent wrong behaviors of human society, and lead people all over the world to promote peace and progress together by starting the change in their own lives, like with his “one good deed per day” program. 

As the President of the Preparatory Committee for the establishment of the Huazang World Union, Wu engaged in drafting its regulations in 1993, leading efforts in multiple countries, including Britain, Germany, France, United States, Japan, Korea, and Russia, from 1993 to 1999 to research the role of life science in the context of world development and disseminate findings.


In 1995, Wu gave a  speech in Taiwan on "Buddhism & Life," wherein he instructed followers regarding the need to incorporate certain life concepts into their lives, notably purity, equality and compassion. In the same year, Wu for the first time introduced the concept of "Life Science" * in the lecture in the University of Science of Technology of China. After Wu founded the establishment of the China Life Science Society in Beijing 1995, more local life science societies were established in Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong provinces, etc.


Wu proposed the “Harmonious Unification” theory and instructed followers on the significance of the three principal relationships:  1) the individual with his or herself,  2) the individual with other individuals, and 3) the individual with nature.



Transferring Traditional Chinese Chan - Nurturing Young Talent 


From 1990-1999, Wu traveled to various provinces such as Liaoning, Shandong, Jangsu, Anhui, Guangdong and Shanghai  to promote Chan training class. He also opened a more intensive training program at Beijing Huazang Consultation Center, where young talents from different cities could go in order to receive more advanced Chan training. 


The beneficial philosophy of “Chan in everyday life” as advocated by the lineage masters of traditional Chinese Chan.  involves not merely practicing sitting meditation but also doing walking meditation, doing prostrations, or chanting the sutras in the Chan hall. Indeed, very place and moment is the place and time for practice, be it daily activities such as eating, drinking, sleeping, getting up, working, or engaging in physical labor.


Wu trained young talents starting from the beginning level of how to keep body and mind in balance,  how to use the concepts of Chan practice to tell ourselves to abide nowhere, as nothing is permanent, and seek only peace of mind instead of caring about material success or failure, gain or loss, and honor or disgrace. He encouraged young talents to learn the development of graceful thoughts that accord with compassion and wisdom as well as living in the purity of one's own  inner world. When we exert an influence on our family and the surrounding environment with such a spirit, more purification space will spread throughout our Earth.


Wu also conducted the Buddhist Dharani Dharma ceremonies, including the one on Nepal in 1994 and Zhouquan Temple  of Shanxi province of mainland China. (  Zhouquan Temple Dharma Ceremoney video is online at   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHgVmnLcqM8 .  The  Buddhist song was sung by Wu himself )




Promoting Education 


Wu also invested in the educational field. His application to establish the China Life Science University was approved by the China Educational Department.


In February,1996, Wu raised HK$2.17M (around US$33,850) to construct a state-of-the-art elementary school at Hui-lai, Guangdong, China. The name of the school, Zeheng Elementary, was selected by the Vice-President of the National People’s Congress, Wang Guangyin.


In 1997, Wu established of the Huazang Consultation Center to provide more extensive training to Huazang coaches. This center offered more advanced holistic life science knowledge, particularly with respect to incurable diseases, while promoting academic, cultural and religious exchange.









* Video of Wu's Lecture : the Definition of Life    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSwl6z9XIlk


* Wu's Publications before 1998

   download (PDF version) available at :  http://www.zenmasterxingwu.org/plus/list.php?tid=52

   (English version currently not avaiable)





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