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"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

Moving Forward Towards Liberty


Towards spiritual purity in a peaceful world with liberty for all -  Retracing Wu’s footprints in popularizing Buddhism internationally, we can see the figure of a Chinese Chan master on his path to promoting world peace. Even though he suffered 11 years in Chinese prisons, he spares no effort to practice and promote the mission of “Freedom, Equality, and Compassion”. His entire life’s journey was dedicated to realizing a pure world in our heart, an ideal that he so deeply believes in.




Realizing spiritual purity on earth is a noble goal and it requires hard work from everyone. To this end, Wu encourages people live with integrity and to do “a good deed per day”. He hopes that everyone will consider the issue of spiritual poverty. Moreover, he emphasizes his belief that eradicating such poverty, resolving political conflict, and breaking down barriers between peoples and countries will only be possible with the spiritual purity of all individuals. Spiritual purity is the key to attaining universal justice and peace.


Justice, peace and happiness do not distinguish between ethnic or religious groups. Those ideals represent the wish of all humanity. However, when our hopes clash with those of others, there can be no true justice, peace and harmony. Therefore, Wu urges that people from different ethnic and religious groups learn to seek common ground while accepting differences, respecting each other, and embracing multicultural values. Thus, we must put forth the following shared, global ethical values: respect every living being, acknowledge that every individual has the right to live, and protect and cherish all other people. Only then can the world enjoy universal and lasting peace.


Wu invigorated the spirit of the Chinese Chan tradition. Although he inherited the Dharma transmission of Chinese Buddhism, he does not feel enslaved to it – instead he continually seeks to perfect it. His influence has spread across borders and ethnic groups, and the spiritual purification he advocates transcends cultural and religious differences. Through interaction, dialogue, and cooperation, he always hopes to resolve opposition among people and to reconcile conflicts in order to have a pristine, peaceful, and harmonious world. It is with these goals in mind that Wu set out to popularize the Buddhadharma internationally.


Even though Wu still has no freedom of movement since his release after 11 years in prison, he still continues to carry out his mission within the limitations, surveillance and harassment imposed by the Chinese government.


Though his body has been unjustly imprisoned, his heart is full of liberty.


How You Can Help


Now it’s up to you. We need you to help us secure Wu's freedom. If you have time or skills, offer to help. If you can spare a few dollars, send them along. If you want to offer your voice, write representatives of your government. If you have friends, tell them about Wu. It’s all well and good to agree with what you have seen here. Now it is time to get up and do something about what you believe in. Your turn. Do something. Help Wu.


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