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Prayers For My Dear Mother On My Birthday(忏戒及母难逥向)August 23 , 2010

Today is July 14 in the Chinese lunar calendar and fasting and praying have officially started. Since I posted the article “Cherish Our Compatriots with Pious Mind” in my blog, friends and students from all circles of our society responded enthusiastically and have begun the alms deeds which make me feel honored and extremely grateful!

All men ever born are my brothers; therefore we should united together through thick and thin and stand together regardless of situation. Isn’t that just as it should be, for us to stand together regardless of situation? Isn’t this is the way to spread philanthropy? I hereby sincerely beg you to always be philanthropic!

In a few days, it will be my birthday, which was the hardest day for my mother. These days, my students and friends from all walks of life have sent me congratulations with complete sincerity. My gratitude is beyond words! I hereby offer you my deepest respects. I will use up all my flesh and blood for all flesh and for you!!!

Ten years of the sorrow of parting and longing! I miss you very much, my friends and students. I am eager to see you, but, due to the current situation, we are still under suspicion. In order to minimize interference from the authorities, I would like to ask my friends, disciples and students from all walks of life who cannot come to the birthday party not to hold additional celebrations for my birthday during the fasting period this month. Please donate money and goods saved from these celebrations to our compatriots who suffered from the disastrous flood. Please send donations to “Heart of Mercy” whose blog address is http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1794225225 and specify the use for your donation.

The almsgivers and receivers are both blessed! On August 18th of the Chinese lunar calendar, my heart will go out to you and join the beneficence. I will propose a toast to your health; to our joyful reunion and being covered with sweet dharma-rain!