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Grateful For The Good Karma From All Spheres(感恩四方善缘)September 26, 2010


Recently, many Banta’s have tried to reach an understanding of dhyana with me from which I have greatly benefited. I hereby extend my thanks to them all. I am greatly gratified by the seekers of bodhi whose hearts are unshakable in their search for our true nature. The Buddha has created the eighty-four thousand Dharma Courses in order to preach to many different people. All roads lead to Rome and all courses are equal to each other. For example, although the Huazang Mind Dharma is from the Mind Buddhism Sect, it is the same as the other Dharma Courses. Therefore it is unnecessary for the Kalynanmitrata, to convert to the Huazang Sect. If you devote yourself to Buddha and abide the Commandments, you will eventually become self-enlightened. You will become Buddha no matter which Dharma Course you chose to practice.

When you commit to your Guru, it is only he who can guide you. However, when you have gained a true understanding of your true nature, you are then free to become Buddha. Buddha cannot be found until you have completely conquered your mind, which never stops thinking. When you fully understand that your true nature is Buddha and you practice sad-paramita to its fullest intent, you will no longer have to engrave, in your mind, the mirage of images that you see. You have become a light of Buddha.

The Bhadantas from overseas have invited me to give lectures in many different foreign countries. Unfortunately, the authorities in China have not approved my passport and therefore, I am unable to travel aboard. Please be understanding!

Friends from all walks of life and across the country have invited me to give lectures and to practice Sadhana with them. I will consider this and try to find an opportunity to bask in the Samadhi of Buddha with you.