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Suggestions For Making Donations (捐助建议)August 7, 2010

After I published the article “Cherish Our Compatriots with a Pious Mind”, I was pleased that many of the gymnosophists and my disciples responded positively. Meanwhile, quite a few of them asked me how to make donations. Since it was an unorganized alms deed, I make the following suggestions:

1. Using the addresses which were attached to the pictures in the article on my blog, you can contact them to donate money yourself after you have verified the information. Alternatively, you can find the addresses of other compatriots suffering from the disaster and donate money to them yourself.

2. Buy some goods for the poverty-stricken people to meet their basic needs, such as clothing, stationery and books etc. Otherwise, you can donate in cash to aid school dropouts in those areas.

The almsgivers and receivers are both blessed and have their respective wishes granted! May the Beneficence give the people in the poor areas some warmth!