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The Reason of the Repentance Ceremony(忏坛之缘起)May 25,2010

The reason for announcing the origin of the repentance ceremony upon its completion is to insure that participants have sufficiently clear minds for accomplishing it. As the repentance precepts come to an end, it is time to disclose its origin.

During the past 11 years while I was absent from public view, global problems involving ecosystems, social issues and natural disasters have occurred in quick succession. Our society is like a huge arsenal ready to explode because of our people’s scattered minds and lost faiths. Cultural, political and spiritual conflicts as well as international tensions are continually increasing. Such issues as imbalance in laws and regulations, irrational structures, conflicts between governments and their peoples and between the rich and the poor are leading to the collapse of society. In addition, disconnection between mind and body is causing unbalanced life styles and out-of-control behaviors which in turn lead to countless physical and mental illnesses.

Along with the global environment, our country now faces its most critical period since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. I am deeply concerned that the spiritual crisis caused by the lack of cultural inheritance and moral standards, the conflicts between new and old policies and structures caused by imbalance among governors, regulators and economic foundations, and the unfair wealth distribution are all contributing to a failing world.

On the other hand since its establishment, our nation is experiencing its highest level of overall living standard and international status. However, the international community is suspicious and attempts to restrain China because of our own problems. In addition, problems such as the unjust internal system and corruption seriously threaten this rare window of opportunity.

During my 11 years in prison, I suffered deeply from both physical and mental exhaustion. My physical health was very poor and my freedom greatly curtailed. But because of its urgency, I needed to commence the repentance ceremony as soon as possible as we could not afford to wait any longer. Consequently I organized it within two months of being released from prison.

This repentance represents the underlying principle of the three areas of Buddhism. Therefore, whoever is willing to be kind can purify their own minds and benefit others. This will provide the necessary impetus to society to stop the moral decline, thereby enabling people to act as a firm foundation to stabilize society and develop ultimate global harmony. Perhaps this repentance can also add the spiritualism to enhance mankind’s development and promote world peace. One benefit of the merit-power of repentance is to encourage the participants to be open and friendly, contributing their holy responsibilities into dignifying our land and benefiting all living beings.

The repentance for others is the highest form of eliminating others’ suffering. Making this repentance can not only eliminate problems and suffering but also improve universal harmony. I hope all the participants can bear this in mind at all times, extend the merit to all four directions and pray for a safe nation and happy people.

Taking refuge in our own nature and making the repentance for others constitutes the supreme level concerning the transformation from knowledge to wisdom. I hope the participants can constantly practice and prove it according to the precepts, take refuge in our own innate capacity, prove the complete and perfect wisdom and be supportive and inspiring in order to influence others.

The repentance ceremony is a kind of spiritual purification that I could present to the world as a derivative of the Buddha Zen system.

The repentance ceremony represents my enthusiasm and devotion to human beings as a member of society!

The repentance ceremony represents my passion and unconditional love to my motherland as a descendant of our people!

I believe I am fulfilling my responsibility to my nation and to mankind, regardless of the future awaiting me. I would have no regrets in this life as long as there are people who believe in promoting and practicing this ceremony.

Let us all wish the world peace!

Wish our nation prosperity!

And wish our people health and happiness!