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My Impression of Shanghai Expo Upon My Return (II) 沪行世博随感(二)May 2, 2010

After a separation of 12 years, I arrived in the international metropolis Shanghai, which is full of harmony, and met the students and followers I have not seen for long time. I was so extremely pleased to hear the authorities praise them as “outstanding citizens”.

The harmony between the humans and the nature has been the pursuit of Huazang since it is founded, which is also the theme of this world Expo. The basis of harmony is the accomplishment of balance between body and mental of every individual, sharing the quality of things and people around us. The cognate compassion between you and everything else will be achieved during the process of awaking yourself and influencing others. Every Huazang followers must keep this in mind and practice it with both foot on the ground, becoming role models to society and bestowing their merit on society and of the world.

Looking at the brilliant night scene along both banks of Huangpu River, I think the wisdom enlightens the city and every life in the city. The wisdom build up the style and content of the city.

The opening of the World Expo is soon. I pray for the prosperity of my country. I am enjoying my freedom. I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter of world harmony.

I think I will not miss this grand occasion!

Bless for China! Bless Shanghai! Bless the World Expo!