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My Impression of Shanghai Expo Upon My Return (I) 沪行世博随感(一) April 30, 2010

On May 1, 2010 I went to the Shanghai Expo Garden to view the exhibits showing achievements in modern science, technology and diversification. These exhibits demonstrated human beings’ expectations with regard to the pursuit of living in harmony and creating a better life together!

But during my trip to Shanghai, a few episodes almost made me miss the Shanghai Expo. When my plane landed in Shanghai, as soon as I deplane the aircraft, I noticed that Shanghai police officers were already waiting for me in the bridge at the gate of aircraft.

The next day, police officers from my hometown also arrived in Shanghai. Under the circumstances, I was forced to undergo questioning regarding their concerns and worries about me; although there was absolutely no reason for them to be concerned. Even though I arranged my students to confer with them six times successively, their worries were still not dispelled.

As a result, the police took some excessive action because they thought that I refused to meet them. At 2:00 am April 30th, 2010, six Shanghai police officers came into my room in the hotel with the excuse that our check-in registration forms were incomplete. They said they felt they had to come to visit me in my room in this manner because I refused their "polite invitations" six times.

Although we eventually reached a compromise through the joint efforts of police in several parts of China from Shanghai and my hometown, it still left me with a sad feeling of deep regret with regard to my trip to the Shanghai expo!

Today, building a harmonious society has become the firm choice of the Chinese government. At the same time, it is also become the consensus of the majority of Chinese people. However, due to various reasons, building a harmonious society seems to be just a ghost of an image on the horizon – a great project for the future. A harmonious society can only be a catchword when all the conflicts in the society have not been dispelled and the lack of confidence is ubiquitous.

Genuine harmony should be built on the basis of mutual respect, full communication, and the fully safeguarded rights for all parts of the society. For Chinese revival to succeed, what is needed is a real, meaningful, harmonious society!