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My Impression Of Beijing Upon My Return ( II ) 重临京师随感(二)April 27, 2010

I have been in Beijing for eight days, but now I have decided to leave.

Compared to eleven years ago, Beijing’s social status has improved significantly. A modern metropolis' ambience can be sensed everywhere. Better standards of living have enhanced civilization. Improving people’s living standards and enlightening their mentality are of the utmost importance for China’s modernization and the national revival.

I am grateful that concepts of harmony and unity are now deeply rooted among the people. On the other hand, real harmony and unity must be achieved from abiding by the following three aspects:

1) Self-perfection from the harmony of body and soul or individual harmony,

2) Individual harmony to interpersonal harmony, and

3) Interpersonal harmony to the harmony of humankind and nature. This is the most direct way to improve the displacement of individual harmony, interpersonal harmony, and the harmony of humankind and nature. Therefore, to attain this “harmony and unity” we should improve ourselves by adhering to the General rule of the interpersonal homeostasis, in addition to the rule of harmony and unity between humankind and nature,

The people’s state of impetuous thinking leaves them unable to extricate themselves; changing this is necessary to achieve the individual harmony of body and soul.

Only when humankind develops the individual harmony of body and soul, efficiently and systematically, will we see the beginning of World Peace.