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My Impression of Beijing upon My Return(I )重临京师随感(一)April 24, 2010

I had been back in Beijing for three days, and my visit was inevitably filled with many memories and emotions, and therefore I could not help dealing with some tedious affairs.

During this period, a constant flow of disciples came to visit me day and night. After eleven years of separation, we had so much to talk about, and we freely discussed what we had missed all these years until our hearts were content.

Despite my exhaustion from such a full schedule, I immersed myself in those happy moments. During the past eleven years, our society has been changing and so has Huazang, but its practitioners continue to show signs of Buddhist moral practices. Although they were fearlessly practicing before society, the people and themselves, they have not achieved consummation or “self-becoming because of their own karmas and the common karmas of all living creatures. Therefore, I will perform “The Confession Altar” at an appropriate time so that Huazang practitioners may amend their imperfections through inner witness and consummate their Svabhava.

Although I was spied on wherever I went during my recent visit to Beijing, I didn’t encounter any “trouble”, and would therefore like to express my respect and gratitude to the relevant authorities!

I was planning to fly to Shanghai from Beijing to visit some friends and students there. However, since Shanghai Expo is about to open, the relevant local authorities would feel obliged to make painstaking efforts to look after me. The Shanghai Expo is a great event for China, and I cannot bear the thought of adding extra “work” for them. So all I can is to postpone my trip. I sincerely hope that my friends and students in Shanghai will understand my decision. How about we meet after the Shanghai Expo?