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Help Japan(帮助日本)March 6 , 2011

Despite how the situation is now, the radioactive emissions may trigger other problems. According to analysis, it should be a global problem with no nation escaping completely. During this process, all of us must remain calm and consciously do our best to maintain the stability of society. You know man-made disasters always accompany natural disasters. It is very serious when man-made disasters add another 70% to the 30% of natural disasters.

First of all, no matter what happens, do your best to minimize the panic of those around you whenever this topic is discussed. Second, concentrate on the present: consider today as the last day in your life and decide what you should do. You must remain calm as panic does not help.

As of yesterday, China started to monitor meteorological data. It was stated that China would not be affected for at least three days. However, it is difficult to say what may happen afterwards. If we wait to take action after we get abnormal readings, it will be too late.

The effects of nuclear pollution may not be cleared up even 80 years from now, so some locations in Japan will remain uninhabitable. These effects do not stop with direct radiation exposure to people but also include radiation-caused active pollution to the entire ecosystem, including water and plant life.

Not only all the cities but also the entire earth as well, will be affected in varying degrees.

Now the people in three counties in Japan are isolated and without help because of lack of transportation or other reasons. Their food is not edible because of radioactive pollution. I think if they can survive for the next three days without eating, they will be rescued, especially if they have learned the fasting technique. But if they cannot practice the fasting technique, they will starve before rescue arrives.

I think that all humanity must do their utmost to help Japan overcome its crisis or at least minimize the harm done. It is, in fact, our own salvation that we work toward when helping Japan, since Japan is part of the earth.

Besides the meteorological data, ocean current data should be monitored as another index of possible radioactive pollution. Our territorial waters are adjacent to Japan’s and mix with their waters. It has been said that the winds will not blow toward China for at least three days, but the ocean currents have no such limits. All nations should monitor the ocean currents, not just wind and weather.

Because the ocean bottom and the earth’s crust have changed, it is very difficult to predict what will happen next. Humans are especially helpless when it comes to nuclear accidents and pollution. In one respect humans are very stupid: they constantly invent destructive techniques and weapons. It is more important for people to learn to control them before using them. Otherwise we are digging our own graves.

It is very difficult to predict the results. Someday in the future we will be forced to rely on our own feet when all the transportation and communication devices collapse! Anyway we must concentrate on the present every day, for a life without regrets. We have done our best. It is unimportant how things turn out as long as we have done our best. We will have no regrets for humanity; we will have no regrets for ourselves.