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You, Me and Him (事关你我他)April 16 , 2011

                                                                          The Origin of Event

All earthly things have the same origin, and all creatures have the same root!

Because of my empathy, I feel the suffering of our compatriots in poverty-stricken areas, so on Aug.5, 2010, I posted the article titled “Cherish Our Compatriots with A Pious Mind” in my blog. I also decided to fast for three days in the middle of every month donating the money saved to help those in the poverty-stricken areas of China. In addition, I advocated that my students and friends care for people in society performing practical actions.

Because of the warm response I received, I posted two more articles titled Cryptic of Fasting on Oct. 27, 2010, and Supplements to Fasting Method on Oct. 28, 2010, which expound on the significance and effect on development of the individual physical and mental harmony, family and social harmony, and harmony between human beings and the natural. In addition, I also taught the unique method for adjusting your body and mind during the fasting period.

In consideration of the ecological and man-made disasters emerging seemingly without end nowadays, I posted another article on Dec. 20, 2010, titled “Redemption of Humankind through Individual Self-Redemption” in my blog. On Feb. 11, 2011, I again called on my students and friends to encourage more people to engage in the philanthropic act of developing virtues through Fasting for Charity and through perform a good deed every day. Doing a good deed every day will improve the current social morality, harmonize interpersonal relations among people and between humans and nature, while achieving the consummation of individuals’ minds and bodies through self-redemption and self-improvement.

My advocating on “Fasting for Charity” and “Perform a Good Deed Every Day” earned wide domestic and international participation and practice. People are taking the initiative of caring for the weak, trying to live in harmony and helping their fellow countrymen. This has caused me considerable delight and gratitude. After a few months’ practice, a lot of people have readjusted their mind/body systems, cured ailments, developed benevolence and even inspired the divine potential in other human beings, which is highly praised by an increasing number of people.

In the blogs named “Fasting for Charity” and “Huazang Holistic Medical Science”, there are more practical details was described and truthfully reported. Everyone has the ability and the need to practice good deeds every day; all good deeds are equally important and are not influenced by different religions, beliefs or social ideology. The performance of good deeds comes from the bottom of one’s heart and is of benefit to everyone.


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