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"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

Its Time(是时候了)March 22 , 2011

I have been in prison for 11 years, and I have been released for over a year already. During this year, I have been asked several times why I was imprisoned and why I am still subjected to various physical constraints.

While I'm remaining pragmatic and continually strive for truth, there are limitations when it comes to express my feelings. Many of my friends still do not understand.

As the world is unpredictable, and to avoid any regrets in my life, I now am opening up to the public regarding the reason why I was sent to prison and the conditions since I was released. It’s time for the public to decide what is right or wrong - the truth should be clear to all.

I am also taking this opportunity to express my appreciation for all the loving kindnesses and concerns of my friends from all circles.