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New Year Message(新年祝辞)January 1,2011

At the end of it all, everything renews. The mountains and rivers, every tree and bush, and all creatures renew their lives with the early spring breath. Time flies. The 20th century was a time of both crisis and prosperity, wherein stark poverty co-existed with thriving economies. Mankind experienced extraordinary development in both economic and spiritual spheres. However, today, with regard to our prospects for our future survival, we face unprecedented challenges.

The state of mankind's living environment has deteriorated dramatically because there is a “lack of harmony among the three major conditions and an imbalance of the four primary elements” in our society. Natural disasters occur more and more frequently. Mankind pays an enormous price for economic development, thus leaving each of us, as well as future generations to, face the consequences.

As responsible members of our human society, we should embrace harmony and reunion as core beliefs by promoting harmony among ourselves. For it is only through the promotion of harmony within our respective societies, that we will be able to achieve harmony between mankind and his living environment. With each new opportunities and each new challenge, mankind finds himself at a crossroads facing a critical test. The only way to ease the crisis existing between society and the environment is to reach a state of harmony and reunion among the people of the world. For these reasons, we should together strongly advocate the attainment of harmony and balance in the Big Three and balance in the Big Four. Awakening ourselves is the only way to save ourselves and bring humankind to perfection. It is also the only way to resolve many of the problems in the world and achieve sustainable and healthy development.

On the whole, there is no division between ‘you’ and ‘me’ in the world. I, hereby, wish all my brothers and sisters happiness and health in harmony.