Wu Zeheng



"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

Petition for Signatures


May 29, 2011, immediately after Wu was arrested and beaten by Zhu-hai local policemen on the eve of Buddha’s birthday on May 9, followers in China, in condemning  the illegal arrest of Wu, filed a petition for signatures as an appeal for fairness in the administration of justice in China, and demanded that its people be accorded basic human dignity.


This petition was forced to stop 2 days after being posted online.




                                         Petition for Signatures




This is an appeal for fairness in the administration of justice in China and a demand that its people be accorded basic dignity !


Wu Zeheng, whose Buddhist name is Zen Master Shi Xing Wu, is the current line holder of the Mantle and Alms as 88th Patriarch of Buddhism, and 51st Patriarch of Cao-dong Sect. His compassion and wisdom have far-reaching influence on the Buddhist society in not only throughout mainland China, but in Taiwan and Nepal, and other places around the world.

Around 9:00 pm May 9, 2011, the eve of the Buddha Sakyamuni’s birthday, several units from the Zhu-hai Qianshan police station pounded violently on Wu’s door. Without presenting a search warrant or any other legal documentation authorizing their actions, the police kicked open every door at the residence, searched every room, took photographs, and violated grievously the basic rights of those inside. They pinned Wu to the ground, bound his hands behind his back, and beat and kicked him in front of his family.


Leading the attack was the station’s director, Luo Yu (police ID number is 082846). Director Luo personally grabbed Wu by the collar and, using his fist, beat Wu on his head, face, and mouth. So severe was this beating that Wu sustained multiple lacerations and contusions, particularly to his head, and his shirt was torn from his body. Wu’s elderly mother begged them, “Please do not beat my son.” However, her weak voice could not stop the attack.


Wu was taken into custody along with his younger sister and other two female students at the same time. Their hands were bound behind their backs with nylon cords and they were transported to the Qianshan police station. In justifying their actions, the police told Wu, “We can do anything we want! We can arrest you at any time if we want, and that is our right!”

After arriving at the police station, Director Luo assaulted Wu yet again, this time to demean and humiliate Wu in public and thereby demonstrate Wu’s unimportance and powerlessness. Director Luo used derogatory comments and foul language tortured Wu as the way of showing profound disrespect of Wu’s stature as a religious leader.


Then, after further securing Wu with two pairs of handcuffs, Director Luo took Wu’s cell phone and, in a rage, repeatedly and violently struck Wu’s head.


Wu and total of fourteen of his supporters were interrogated and then held in detention for 24 hours. When released the next day, none of them received any legal documents explaining why the police actions had been taken or otherwise justifying what had occurred. During the interrogations, however, Wu and some of his students were informed that the police suspected Wu of planning an event to celebrate Buddha’s birthday and that the police department had taken the action it did to prevent that celebration. Therefore, according to police interrogators, Wu and the others were detained on “suspicion of intending to organize an illegal assembly.” The above contains the entire story of the “Buddha’s birthday event” that happened on May 9, 2011 (the eighth of April of Chinese lunar calendar) !


How could such an event happen in a country that advocates harmony and the legal protection of religious freedoms? The event raises serious concerns regarding the state of human rights in China, not only for those who were directly affected, but for the countless individuals devoted to the pursuit of justice and fairness !


It has now been 20 days since the incident. Neither Wu nor any of Wu’s family members or supporters has received an apology from any of the officers involved in committing the violence nor from any of their superiors.


Furthermore, even though all concerned know of the applicable law, the government has yet to take action to investigate the abuses of power that occurred or to hold accountable those who perpetrated the violence.


We appeal to the conscience of all peoples to show their support for Wu !


Please sign your name on the petition to show that you:


1. Demand that the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau take action in accordance with  applicable law to deal with Luo Yu’s unlawful behavior!!!


2. Demand that the Zhuhai Public Security Bureau make a public apology to Wu!!!


It is the civic responsibility of each of us to uphold the rights accorded to all peoples of the world! Let us stand as one in making our appeal for fairness in the administration of justice in China and together we shall achieve fundamental dignity to be respected!