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"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

VOA - the Focus of Dialogue



On January 11, 2013, the founder of *initiativesforchina Mr. Yang Jianli was invited to attend VOA " the Focus of Dialogue " talk show. Some of the information he addressed is recorded below:
In July, 2012, Wu applied for a passport in the Huilai County PSB of Guangdong province. However, 2.5 years later, neither the Huilai county PSB nor the Guangdong state PSB has responded to his application. This may be due to the other, sensitive cases of Ai Weiwei, Woeser and, many others. Wu belongs to a select group of people who may not be allowed to leave the county.
On September 17, 2012, Wu applied to the Huilai PSB for an Administrative Reconsideration, according to the Administrative Procedure Law of China. He should have received an answer within 60 days after applying. However, since the 60-day deadline of December 20, 2012, has passed without a response, Wu had to submit the Administrative Proceedings, according to the regulations, requiring the court to reply within 10 days. Nevertheless, 20 days passed without any forthcoming reply. Today, Mr. Wu's attorney went to the Huilai County Court to inquire about the status of Wu's application and why he has not received any response. We hope that those who read this will pay close attention to Mr. Wu's activist attempts to secure his freedom of movement.
Mr. Wu has many followers and students outside of China, so his activist activities will gradually spread. His activism has also become a test of the new CPC Guangdon Provincial Party Secretary, Hu Chunhua, as well as a window into the human rights rule of law in that province.





* Initiatives for China is a grassroots movement dedicated to advancing a peaceful transition to democracy in China. Our movement is embedded with the belief that such a transition can only be achieved through structural reform of the current system of government that by its very nature denies universally recognized political and social rights to its citizens. Our movement further recognizes that such reform can only be driven by the citizens of China through the application of Gong Min Li Liang(公民力量 “Citizen power”) and through cooperative and unified action of the all the diverse peoples that are under the rule of the Chinese government。 http://www.initiativesforchina.org