Wu Zeheng



"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

May 10, 2013, Congressman Kerry Bentivolio  sent a letter to the Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C to request the reason for why not giving Wu passport. 


May 10, 2013

His Excellency Cui Tiankai

Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the United States

3505 International Place, NW

Washington, DC 20008


Dear Ambassador Tiankai,


As you may know, I sent a letter to your predecessor, Ambassador Zhang, on March 8 regarding the treatment by your government of Zen Master Wu Zeheng. In my letter I referred to a letter from his overseas followers that detailed the harassment Wu continues to face, including the denial of his passport.


It has recently come to my attention that Wu was invited to attend a conference in my home state entitled, The 7th Annual International Conference on “Engaging The Other:” The Power of Compassion, to be held May 3-5 in Climax, Michigan.


However, despite showing the invitation letter to the passport authorities in his local area, Wu was still not given his passport and thus was unable to attend the conference.


I am writing to understand why Wu is not being given his passport. My understanding is that he applied for it over two years ago. Per Chinese law, he was supposed to receive it within 15 days. However, I am told that every time Wu inquires about his passport, your local government simply tells him “it is being processed” but nothing more. 


As I stated previously, it would greatly enhance China’s global image if it discontinues Wu’s harassment and passport denial, as his troubles have gained the attention of various international bodies and news media. This provides an excellent opportunity for China to take a small step to show the world how Chinese leaders and authorities follow Chinese law and stand in support of universal human rights.


I trust you will help me understand why Wu has not been given his passport.


I look forward to your response.



 Kerry Bentivolio