Wu Zeheng


Voice from Wu

"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

“There is an internal force in the human soul. No matter how dark the world gets, this force can never be extinguished. That force is called ‘faith’. (September 22,2012)


"I grew up in the mountains. I depended on the charity of others for my livelihood. If I did this in my own self-interest, just to achieve my own enlightenment without regard for the welfare of those who gave me my daily bread, I would be as a parasite, dressed in the garb of Buddhism, borrowing the name of the Blessed One to deceive others, just to receive their charity.  That would be a sin that would damn me to everlasting Hell. "(1992 Taiwan Report )       

"Human dignity is everyone's inalienable right. Every country's obligation is to respect and protect its citizens' human dignity through its constitution and legal system, which form the cornerstone of human rights. Trampling on such dignity is criminal behavior. Governments that engage in such behavior over the long term are illegal governments." (December 3, 2012)


"I do not believe this nation can survive even another 100 years, if it continues to resist civilization." (November 28,2012)

"When 'freedom,' 'democracy,' 'equality,' 'justice,' and 'mutual aid' have become the core values directing Chinese civilization, only then will it be possible to re-unite this nation. With these values, we can eliminate feuding, rebuild our great nation, and build a wonderful civilization!"(November 21,2012)


"Democracy will not necessarily make people strong; however, only those who are strong and popular can promote democracy." (November 19,2012)


"In a unipolar authoritarian society, those who form independent and dissenting voices will be regarded as enemies of the state. Such dissidents are likely to be eliminated in the name of "the people." Thus everyone, from the President down to new-born babies, whether they are inside or outside the system, will live in terror." (November 21,2012)


"When people bow down before power, then truth and conscience are mocked, or, at the very least, shown indifference." (December 5,2012)

"Any culture or social system without LOVE will eventually be in conflict with humanity." (October 7,2012)


"How nice it would be if we could keep our childlike innocence! It would allow us to love each other for who we are, rather than only see the barriers we all carry around to defend ourselves from each other. If you are happy, free, and comfortable, why would you care about 'quality of life'? Take the time to enjoy life now, we are all family here." (March 2,2011)

"If  you were to leave this world tomorrow, how will you spend the rest of your life today? What do you own? What would you fight for, care about, what will be your purpose? What didn’t you complete,what did you miss, what are your regrets, regardless of necessity? If you ask yourself these questions when you are alone with your soul late at night,  you will have a clear conscience.  It’s worth trying…" (March 6,2011)

"By the time China’s 'Democracy Building' is finished, forged in the blood and tears of countless martyrs over five thousand years, I may not be around to see that prosperous moment, nor be a person to live in this 'Democracy Building', but I must be a brick in it. I will continue building until I die." (February 12,2012)

“Buddhism paves the way to enlightenment by directly appealing to the human mind. Furthermore, the spirit of Buddhism is centered on equality and compassion. it is a real state since human beings have started cognizanied. Buddhism offers a supreme culture, an interrogation of human souls, and a theory that leads all humans to seek truth and practice to enter into a higher state of being. ” (July 2, 2012) 

"Our big worry should not be about life after death, but life during life." (November.4,2011)

“Our nation was not meant to become polarized as it is has. The Ruling class relies on the triad of self-interest, the barrel of a gun and the organs of public security to transfer their wealth and children abroad, while leaving the rest of the nation powerless and oppressed. There is no Equal opportunity, no universal rights or dignity, not even the weak social security that has been eroded and misappropriated into the black hole of the ruling class’ greed.  We are separated as if  in a centrifuge, no morality, everyone panicked. We are on the road to the edge of a cliff, but we are oblivious?!!!” (November 19, 2012)

"If you can get past 'greed'&'fear,' you will be among the elite." (October 30,2012)

"Please pray for our compatriots who suffer in the name of humanity! Do not let your human nature become tarnished!" (March 12,2011)

"For the rest of my life, I will spare no effort to practice and promote this great mission to assist people who share the same universe to enjoy the living environment and living space of 'Freedom, Equality and Compassion'. The mission will never change!"

- Wu Zeheng