Wu Zeheng


Voice from Wu

"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

"It is the time for the people to decide what kind of world they want for themselves."(2010)

"They hoped that I would die from illness or disease in prison. They wanted to increase my sentence or force me to go mad. They couldn’t achieve their aims, however, because the person they were dealing with was Wu Zeheng.  It never occurred to them that I would survive and be released from the prison.”(Huai-ji Prison,2005)

 "In a quiet moment of reflection during my first days in incarceration, I said to himself, 'I had never thought to gain anything for myself and now society is extremely, extremely unfair to me. It has imposed extreme torture and insults on me, which directly hurt my soul . . . can you imagine what it would be like every single day for the next eleven years ?" (2000)

"The sudden change of my role and identity was a very painful process. The prisoners forced me to squat and, when I refused, they punched me in the face a few times. I was forcibly shaven by them, stripped of my clothes and given a prison uniform to wear. Suddenly I realized that from that point on I would be a prisoner in a prison uniform with a shaven head. For the first time in my life, I shed tears." (2000)

"All my appeals were invalid - because it is impossible to have justice in China. They blaspheme the law. They use the law to control the common people according to their will, while acting as though they are beyond the law. So, it is meaningless to prosecute my appeals. " (Huai-ji Prison,2005)

"The whole process was very complicated. Because they knew they didn’t have any basis for any charge against me, they had to keep changing the charge. Thus, 'illegally collecting people’s money' became ‘illegal fund- raising.' In the end, the indictment I received had become 'issuing stocks without authorization' and 'illegal business operations.'” (1999)

"For eight days and nights I did all I could to keep from falling asleep. When I did doze off, I would awaken to the pain of rats biting all over my body. I would find places on my skin that had been punctured by their teeth. For the entire time I sat with my back to the wall while the rats kept me surrounded me, waiting for me to fall asleep.” (Solitary Confinements, Huai-ji Prison,2002)

"It never occurred to them that I would survive and be released from the prison. Because nobody could endure their 'treatment' for ten years, while pressed hard upon body and soul by authorizes, bullied, oppressed, spurned, and attacked by prisoners..." (Unit IV, Huai-ji Prison, 2005)

"I was released from prison after 11 years. At that moment, I resolved to myself that I would see the truth about my arrest, conviction, and incarceration revealed. I placed my life on the path to the truth ! . . . Many people had committed suicide in prison . . . In my heart I didn’t expect any compensation from society except understanding which would be enough. " (Aug 30,2010)

"However, we are our society's architects, not its destroyers.We will be strictly self-disciplined and observe and obey the laws. But we will also safeguard the dignity of the laws and our civil rights.We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the pursuit of truth.”  (Aug 25, 2010)

"It was only a birthday party.Why were so many authorities mobilized? Can anyone tell me what I should do?" (Aug 25, 2010)

"Over the past month, I have been greatly encouraged by my family's unconditional love. My students and friends have shown their sincerest affection and caring as well. Regretfully, I feel our society is still as reckless and arrogant as it was eleven years ago. One can still sense the mood of 'cultural revolution'…” (April 14, 2010)


"For the rest of my life, I will spare no effort to practice and promote this great mission to assist people who share the same universe to enjoy the living environment and living space of 'Freedom, Equality and Compassion'. The mission will never change!"

- Wu Zeheng

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