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Cherish Our Compatriots with a Pious Mind (心香一瓣济同胞)August 5, 2010

All things on earth have the same origin and all the creatures are related! Our compatriots in poverty-stricken areas in China are facing severe hardships and anxiety caused by poverty. They should be cherished and held in deep concern by our society. I suffer for them every time I think of this. How can we just sit by and watch our compatriots suffering?

With them in mind, from this month on I will be fasting for three days from the 14th to 16th every month of the Chinese calendar. The money saved during fasting each month will be used to help our compatriots in poverty-stricken areas.

If any of my disciples and students of Huazang Mind Dharma would like to join in the Beneficence, please donate money on your own to those people you want to help. In addition, you may also donate any daily use items and stationary for learning which you have to spare.

I am looking forward to your participation, which will encourage people with lofty ideals from every walk of life to join in the Beneficence. Any kind and generous person who cherishes the Beneficence may fast for one to three days from the 14th to 16th each month of the Chinese calendar with charity in mind. During the fasting, you may have three dates every morning, afternoon and evening and drink as much water as you need.


All those who participate in the Beneficence will be blessed by the Buddha during the fasting and will have healthy bodies and peaceful minds in order to attain the final consummation.