Wu Zeheng


Voice from Wu

"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

"Morality does not stand alone. May our brothers and sisters practice life as 'humans'. Live noble, live comfortably, live in dignity, live a good conscience, and live life and death without regrets!" (May 31,2011)

"Today we celebrate Human Rights Day, which advocates that people are born equal, and are entitled to the rights and dignity of all humans. Bless the world!" (December 9,2011)


"Good morning, China! Our country will have a future only if its people have hope. If people live in an atmosphere of terror, their country will be of no consequence." (March 13,2012)

"Thank you again for all your love! I am home and recuperating now. Everybody, please try not to come to visit to avoid being arrested on the pretext of illegal gathering. Again, thank you so much." (May 13,2011)

"No one can escape death, but everyone is able to be pure in body and soul to meet the next reincarnation!" (June 29, 2012)


"Tibetans has a noble soul; they are part of our family!" (January 27,2012)

"In a word, the Buddhist culture which has been passed on for over 2000 years has become an indelible part of human civilization after it has gone through its glory and hardships. History shows that from time immemorial, any ruler can use, blend, praise, refer to, apply and change Buddhism, but by no means can it be abandoned or abolished. In the past, present or in the future, Buddhism, as an NGO has and will continuously show its irreplaceable fountain of wisdom and benevolence in assisting the governing of a country." (November 3,2011)

"My students often ask me how to improve personality to perfection? In fact, in today's society, I do not demanding they become saints, only hope that they will become a good man among good men; the wicked are wicked enough! If so, it will be enough." (March 19,2011)

"I remember thirteen years ago before I began my imprisonment, someone warned that if I did not comply with their wishes, I would never again be free. When I heard this, for the first time in my life, I cursed. I did not choose to be born, but I can choose the manner of my death.  Everybody dies. I would rather keep my eye on my mission than sell myself to the 'system.' Even if I only live one day as me, it is a satisfactory life." (October 21,2011)

"If you are not free to express discontent, praise is also meaningless!" (October 28,2012)

“What hide underneath your mask of the 'noble,' is perhaps the greed, delusion, hatred, attachment, foolish ..." (July 4,2012)

"If you have the right to freely choose and practice your religious beliefs, this right must include being able to establish religious organizations, holding religious ceremonies, and, in general, conducting your behaviors and life according to the precepts of your religion. If people do not have the freedom to practice their religious beliefs, or if their rights to practice their religion are not recognized, such freedom is insubstantial and hypothetical." (October 11, 2012)


"In the 44 years of my life's journey, this world has stuck a lot of labels on me, such as: monk, scholar, master, life scientist, liar, founder of Huazang Mind Dharma, criminal, prisoner, Heart Dharma patriarch, teacher, socially unstable…! So I tell my friends and students to be careful when they interact with me while I’m still alive, if  I’ve hurt or cheated anyone, please tell the truth to the world quickly. For those who owe me or benefit from me, forget it. Now I just want to say: ' I am I ' !!! " (June 3,2011)



"With the deterioration of Chinese traditional culture and the universal values in contemporary China, the mode of people’s thoughts and actions have changed dramatically. Through the careful observation of recent behavior, I found that the people of China have changed! Is it time to rethink the culture and morality of Chinese people?" (September 21, 2012)

"A realistic view of society dictates that the facades of so-called 'capitalism' or 'socialism' have collapsed into stark pragmatism, secularism, and utilitarianism. Religion, philosophy, history, and even human emotion have been surrendered to reality. Spirituality is chained to an untrustworthy and unreliable reality. As a result, the security of the human race depends on the deterrence of nuclear war, national defense technologies, and strategic dialogue between world powers." (September 26, 2012)

"The political system of democracy has a number of safeguards that are typically enshrined in constitutional law to protect human rights and freedom. But, it is useless in promoting personal development and moral behavior. Furthermore, it does not guarantee happiness and harmony of family. If a society is lacking in its culture and education, and suffers from the degeneration of morality, then what is the use of democracy? Democracy is quite an adequate house for humanity’s long-term living, but only when those who live within are human!" (September 20,2012)

"What is the real significance of  'morality'? Even if it belongs to the realm of metaphysics, setting aside the thoughts generated after the massive brainwashing, 'morality' in the modern times, can be best described as the 'human spirit', 'universal values', or  'professional ethnics' rather than the concept of  'nothingness' that is defined by the brainwashing education., nor as is conveyed in Confucianism as 'the three cardinal guides and the five constant virtues' or ' the three obediences and the four virtues'." (September 22, 2012)

"The process of human development essentially follows a pattern of self-recognition and a subsequent perception of the world. The behavior of self- recognition and apperception of one’s internal feelings is not a condition imposed by external forces but a more sophisticated understanding of one’s role in society. Hence, politics and culture, which are created and practiced by the social collective, will be consolidated and internalized only when all of the members within the collective are willing to develop themselves to respect the regulations and the regime, to guard and defend justice spontaneously, to internalize their self-esteem and culture, and to have the sense of responsibility to undergo a process of self improvement." (September 24, 2012)  

"For the rest of my life, I will spare no effort to practice and promote this great mission to assist people who share the same universe to enjoy the living environment and living space of 'Freedom, Equality and Compassion'. The mission will never change!"

- Wu Zeheng