Wu Zeheng


Voice from Wu

"The value of life is measured in love." - Wu Zeheng

"The type of freedom advocated by the West’s'universal values' and human rights is the 'freedom of width'. However, the Eastern Confucian philosophical doctrine – which can be understood as sageness within and kingliness without, subduing one’s self and returning to propriety, and the ethics of family-regulating, state-governing, and world-harmonizing – advocates the 'freedom of height'. The former exists broadly among the general population, whereas the latter only exists among a few sages who have experienced many hardships. If the 'freedom of width' and the 'freedom of height' can be integrated a new core value of freedom might emerge." (September 28,2012)


"Once one acquires a diploma and becomes knowledgeable, skillful, and professional, it seems that he or she has achieved success and utility. However, without a marked improvement in one’s disposition and mind, compassions in one’s heart, or actions in accordance with high moral standards, one will end up wealthy but lacking humanity and successful but immoral.. High powered positions and glamorous surroundings do not preclude one from becoming a political gangster or follower, immersed in corruption. There is a saying that captures this philosophy: 'Chaos originates from the hearts, and hearts are nurtured by education. If the education is conducted rightly, social order and just regime can be guaranteed. If not, there will exist a chaotic and disordered society'.” (September 24, 2012)


"Many people attribute China’s moral poverty and political corruption to its political system, but the system can only operate effectively when the people respect it. If people are characteristically ambitious and egoistical then even disruption and reformation of the system will end in failure. Thus the fundamental issue is the people. The problem is that modern education no longer emphasizes how to be a person; it is only focused on knowledge, technical ability and professional skill." (September 20,2012)       



"Civilized or savage? Dialogue or Confrontation? The rule of law or ruling of power ? Civil society or colonial society? These choices belong to the people but not to the government!" (October 28,2012)

"In order to maintain the political status quo in China – i.e., the economic system of socialism – Chinese politicians have proposed a unique system of 'Chinese-style socialism'. The fact is Chinese-style socialism is actually Chinese-style capitalism in disguise. The trick here is the strategic insertion of the phrase 'Chinese-style' socialism rather than simply 'socialism.'" (September 29, 2012)

“Unfortunately, China is already straddling the edge of a cliff. There are only two alternatives for its future. China will either step back from the cliff, become a constructive player in the international community and offer its people security and integrity or it will simply maintain the status quo of temporary stability and remain at the cliff’s edge. If it chooses the latter, China will have to always worry about when it will inevitably fall off the cliff. Which direction should it take? This is a question to be that required thorough consideration.” (October 25, 2012)




"Philosophy and religion both seek to answer the 'ultimate questions,' i.e., those about the meaning of life. These questions arise from the illusory nature of the human existence. Life begins and must end. But is death really the end? This is the ultimate question for both religion and philosophy. Religion evades this question by believing in spiritual emptiness and taking refuge in one’s own will, while philosophy will perpetually be searching for the answers. " (September 27, 2012)


"They keep repeating that they would never permit Huazang the freedom to do anything… But, as a spiritual person, I must continue on my path. When this world does not offer me the space for survival, it falls to me to do what is necessary to create that space. Only when my life ends will I be turned away." (May 12, 2011)

"The essence of Buddhism is 'all living beings are equal, full enlightenment of oneself and awakening of others' which is a harmonious blend of the universal value of 'all humans who are created equal', so we have the common goal to pursuit!"(August 30,2011)

"Remember your primary obligation is to be a man first and always.  If you use your position as politician, scientist, soldier, teacher, whatever… as an excuse to do evil in the name of 'society,' you have failed your primary obligation. You aren’t even qualified to be human." (May 25,2011)


"When evil comes, stand up! When the past frustrates you, kneel in repentance! This is the only way to find the courage to face your soul and develop a noble personality, to become China’s backbone!!!" (March 11,2012)

"When you lose the means to defend your rights and interests, slavery is your destiny!" (October 28,2012)

“By definition, freedom of religion means religion cannot be forced, nor intervened!” (January 27, 2012)


"Freedom never falls from the heavens. Breaking limitations; that is free!" (August 22, 2011)


"They keep repeating that they would never permit Huazang the freedom to do anything... But, as a spiritual person, I must continue on my path. When this world does not offer me the space I need for survival, it falls to me to do what is necessary to create that space. Only when my life ends will be turned away." (May 12, 2011)

"If the people in a society disrespects Heaven and Earth -  regardless of honesty, honor, dedication, righteousness and rule of law - and blindly pursues a struggle for power, then that society is not a 'people'." (June 8, 2011)

"I lodged an appeal, which was held to be invalid. I was not given any chance to defend myself. ' We have decided!' They were so utterly unreasonable. After the final judgment was received, I was taken away. At that moment I realized I had become a prisoner." (Lian-pin Prison,2000)

"I was released from prison after 11 years. At that moment, I resolved to myself that I would see the truth about my arrest, conviction, and incarceration revealed. I placed my life on the path to the truth!....In my heart, I did not expect any compensation from society except understandings which be enough." (Aug 30, 2010)

"For the rest of my life, I will spare no effort to practice and promote this great mission to assist people who share the same universe to enjoy the living environment and living space of 'Freedom, Equality and Compassion'. The mission will never change!"

- Wu Zeheng