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The Tree Is Still, But The Wind Blows(树静风不止)August 25 , 2010

This morning, Zhu-hai police officers came to my house to check on residential registration and began arguing with two of my students. Eventually both sides came to a compromise through communication and coordination, and the incident came to an end – albeit an unsatisfactory one.

The noise kept me from sleeping the whole night through. I went to the lounge room to referee the argument between the police and my students, and then politely sent the three police officers and relevant persons away.

After the altercation, I attempted to take a nap that was interrupted by a telephone call from the police. They wanted me to have a conversation with them before the neighborhood committee. A police officer from Zhu-hai police bureau said the following three sentences to me:

1. Are you the founder of Huazang Gong?

2. Since Huazang Gong was not registered, it is illegal, and you can’t engage in any activities under it.

3. We heard that your birthday is on August 27, 2010, and a lot of people are going to come to celebrate. We suggest that you celebrate it only with your family; otherwise we will interfere. It would be very embarrassing if we arrested you in front of your students.

I asked the police officer if he wanted to listen to my explanation. “Maybe next time,” he said and then ended the meeting.

Although the police officers were too busy to listen to my explanation, I find it necessary to reply to the police officer’s inquiry:

1. I am not the founder of Huazang Gong but the founder of Huazang Mind Dharma. The so-called Huazang Gong was a temporary name used by relevant authorities to conform to the trend at the time to promote scientific research. Since being released from prison, I have not engaged in any activities of Hua zang Gong.

2. Huazang Gong was verified as the first-level science research qigong by China Qi Gong Scientific Research Association in the 1990’s. It was the only qigong engaged in scientific research at the time. I no longer take part in this affair and, what’s more, Huazang Gong no longer exists.

3. Regarding my birthday, it is only natural and normal for friends to get together to celebrate it, and our gathering is both reasonable and legitimate. Without doubt, I will take into account the advantages and disadvantages to all parties concerned. Please be assured, however, we are our society’s architects, not its destroyers. We will be strictly self-disciplined, observe and obey the laws. But we will also safeguard the dignity of the laws and our civil rights. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves for the pursuit of truth.

It was only a birthday party. Why were so many authorities mobilized? Can anyone tell me what I should do?