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A Plea To Everyone With Compassion (为震灾泣恳四方上下同济之)April 15, 2010

A Plea to Everyone With Compassion

- Help the People Affected by Qinghai Earthquake

Our hearts ached when we heard the news about the citizens in Qinghai Province suffering greatly from the calamity of the earthquake. I personally felt grief-stricken and could only pray. My sorrow and sadness weighed heavily upon my heart and I wished that I might have died instead in order to supersede them in this catastrophe. At midnight last night, I started a Repentant Ceremony. I will continue it through the next nine days and nights in order to release the souls of those who perished and to pray for those who are in the affected areas. I call for the disciples of Sakyamuni to initiate Bodhi-mind and pray during the Repentant Ceremony. For all of those who practice Huazang Mind Dharma, you can chant the "Reborn Mantra" ninety-one times as you face southwest during the Forum.


青海地震同胞劫难,痛彻,哀彻…… 闻劫之至食寝难安,中夜祷告宁将吾身替受此劫,换吾同胞消灾弥难矣。于昨晚子夜始至连续九日,吾将作迴向三忏法会以济度此劫亡灵并为震区祈福,望释门同修发菩提心,于忏法同时祈福迴向,凡吾华藏同修可于忏会同时面西南持诵往生神咒九十一遍迴向劫中亡灵,并以慧念为灾区祈福。