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Perform a Good Deed Everyday (日行一善)February 22,2011

First, for any ordinary person, doing a good deed for the day will raise their virtuous roots (kuśala-mūla) and wisdom sense. This will eliminate all their evils. They will be in a mood of harmony and kindness. Therefore, disputes, fights, and conflicts will decrease accordingly. Furthermore, the sense of harmony will envelop them.

Second, as a result of one’s kindness and good deeds, one’s ideological outlook and behaviors will be changed accordingly. This will cause the crowd around them to feel the kindness and goodness embodied within them. They will become a good example for others and thus eventually propel their social environment on a path toward improvement.

Third, doing a good deed for the day can be self-redemption of one’s own sins. The benign information energy will allow the individual to adapt themselves to an elevated hierarchical living space.

What's more, anyone can and should pursue doing a good deed for the day. There is no big or small measurement applied to kindness. Therefore, everyone can perform it, regardless of their religion, belief, or social ideology.

If a person persists in doing this, they will eventually become self-enlighten. If a country pursues this ideology, the country will abound with peace and tranquility. If it is performed throughout the entire world, the entire world will abound with harmony!

As mentioned above, there is no big or small measurement applied to kindness. One should always do their best and try their best. Everybody should seek self-redemption through fasting for doing a good deed for the day!!!

Everybody can have complete virtuous roots' (kuśala-mūla) through